Perfect Vision optical awarded the distributorship of the AHLEM range of spectacle frames and sunglasses in Sydney CBD.

The latest eyewear/fashion craze out of Hollywood is the new Ahlem sunglass and spectacle range. Already a favourite of the LA Scene these beautifully crafted pieces are already being worn by Beyonce, Jay Z, and Kim Kardashian and her little sister Courtney Jenner.

Alem Manai-Platt is a Paris native who moved to LA to realize her dreams and boy has she hit the ground running. All her pieces are handmade of the finest new and vintage Italian acetate as well as precious metals.

Alhem has a philosophy she thinks has led to the crazy demand for her products:

“I think people are interested in our attention to detail, and how we focus on quality or over quantity. I don’t do fast-fashion; if you go to my factory in Paris, you will see all these artisans working slowly, but not lazy. Eight people work on one frame, and it takes more than a week to produce. It’s not about design for us because that’s subjective, but quality and detail are not subjective. We do everything in a very pragmatic way and want the best for every single detail. For instance, every style that features vintage acetate has a number etched into the temple.

People are also interested in how we release our styles. 13 new styles are released every six months, and two to three frames are introduced to the collection every three months. These new styles are in total continuity with the rest of the collection, so everything is cohesive. For vintage acetate frames, only 100 are leased of each, and that’s it.”

We think our clients will appreciate her point of view and support the brand in our Strand Arcade shop.

For further information, please visit www.ahlemeyewear.com