PERFECT VISION OPTICAL is very happy to introduce the fabulous Anne et Valentin range in our Strand Arcade Store.

Hand made in France this range represents an exciting addition to the unique labels currently on display in our Strand Concept Store.

Anne Et Valentine began designing her own eyewear out of shear desperation – she felt there were no frames around that allowed mature, confident women to express their personality and individuality. That was back in the 1990s and she’d been running her own optometry (optician) practice in Toulouse – the fourth largest city of France – for some 16 years.

These days there are plenty of eyewear options for the individual woman however; Anne et Valentin’s collections stand apart from the rest in terms of colour, line and shape.

The company was born out of the experience of a group of independent opticians who moved into frame design and the distribution of its products.

The company believes that if a frame suits everybody, in the end it suits nobody. So when they design a frame they really design it with a very specific person in mind – mostly that’s a woman – only a few of our collections are for men.

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